Today was a day I’ve been anxiously awaiting all summer — our trip to the Indiana State Fair! To prepare for our big day out, breakfast was:










leftover corn bread from last night with almond butter, low-fat vanilla yogurt with blueberries, 1/2 a pluot, and some melon. After church and a short walk, we made lunch in preparation for our long afternoon of walking at the fair. 


1 slice whole wheat toast with cheddar-jack cheese, chicken salad made with olive oil mayo, raisins, and green onions and garnished with some fresh and delicious yellow tomatoes from the farmers market. On the side, blue corn chips and Newman’s Own salsa. Of course, my obligatory daily diet coke as well. 

Then it was off to the fair! We saw a lot of these:


and these too:









Too cute! We also toured the 4-h pavilion where all the fruits and vegetables grown and judged were on display. Here were some of the winners:










and   DSCI0013

We also bought two jars of honey; tupelo and orange blossom. they are  delicious. 🙂

After all our walking, and looking at 4-h winners, we were hungry for dinner. To stay in the spirit of the fair, we had yummy BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. The pork was from Indiana, and tasted like it had been in a slow cooker allll day. It was perfect, especially because we NEVER eat pork. I usually eat pork about four times a year, and it’s probably in a BBQ sandwich each time. I am a creature of habit. 


And of course, what annual day at the fair would be complete without 

DSCI0016(chocolate peanut butter) and this:

DSCI0017Husband (you can see his hand in the picture) wanted an elephant ear, I wanted ice cream. Naturally, we each got one and shared. Ah, the joys of marriage! 







Overall, not the best day, but as the fair is a once-a-year treat, I stand by my choices. After all, I am a recovering carb addict, not yet recovered. I will probably never be too recovered for ice cream. 🙂

What’s your favorite fair or carnival food?